In 1950 our Dedos, Fathers, Uncles, Brothers and Friends  got together  with the hope of hanging on to a part of their Macedonian Heritage with those living in the Greater Akron, Ohio area. Today they would surely be amazed to know that we continue to honor them with our monthly meeting and a commitment to keep our organization going and growing.

Our Social Club continues to grow as a 501(c)(3) under By-Laws  voted on and accepted  in Novembers 1950 and subsequent amendments in 1967,1986 and 1988.  Through the years we have stayed true to our mission of education, community support and the celebration of our heritage.

We would like to have you as our guest at one of our monthly meeting where we can enjoy dinner together and talk abouth the many things we have in common and to share a bit of history.  If you are interested please contact one of our members and let them know.