Purchase the following items through any club member.  Please contact any one of them for details.

If you cannot locate a member please call 330.329.0734

Macedonian Wine


wineEnjoy this award winning bottle of Macedonian wine to support our club. The wine is Phillip Macedonian Wine.  You must be 21 yrs of age to order.

Cost:  $15 US per bottle or $120 US per case


 Macedonian Watch

Own this superb watch to celebrate the timeless Macedonian heritage and the MBC of Akron OH, or just to add this fine timepiece to your collection.   This magnificent collectable features the faces of Alexander the Great and his father Phillip of Macedonia.

Cost:  $2500 US per watch or best offer

 MBC Club Shirts

Polo shirt at $25 and Camp style bottom down shirt at $35

Flees outerwear jacket at $40

Contact Mike at to order